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About the Stephensons

Don't expect too much but this is only a little site, that wants to share thier pictures. And maybe some text about us. Us... , that is Jeffrey, Birgit, Eric and last but certainly not least the "A-Team".

A-Team: The A-Team stands for the two newest family members, Ally and Amy. They are the two sweetest dogs on the face of this planet. Their breed is Havenese, from the family of the Bichon. There are some pictures in the gallery


Jeffrey and Birgit Stephenson, my loving parents. They always support me no matter what happens or has happened. As spring 2007 came along, they packed thier things, the puppies and left germany. Now North Carolina's "The Outer Banks" and Boiling Spring Lake has 4 new citizens.

The area where my parents decided to settle down is very beautiful and the sunsets on the beach are just wonderful. The beaches are not as overcrowded like the ones in Miami or Venice Beach. But that's not what the people there want.

Eric Stephenson that's me. I was born in fall 1977 in a Hanau, Germany. I was raised mostly in Germany but my roots in the USA never left me. I recently bought a nice camera and will focus on making high quality pictures. Not only photography takes up my spare time, but mountain biking, snow and wake boarding are also very time consuming. My dear friends take up the rest of my time.